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    These guys got ALL of my pup's white fur off my black upholstery! The workers are great and friendly! They are definitely my go to car wash!

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    Came in cause the car was a mess. Like maybe I should sell it, rather than wash it. I rolled up and it was super chill right away. I asked how much the best carwash was and the attendant said 250$. Okay so maybe I should stick to a normal carwash, I was just considering abandoning this vehicle in a field... Guys here were polite, quick, and because it was my first visit the staff comped 5$ off my bill. The wash was the best you're going to find in Escondido and unless you wanna drive in 2 lane traffic on the 78 to San Marcos or wash it yourself at the quarter monster machine spot then swing by. Like for reals. Ended up keeping my car.

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    Finally! I have had so many problems with car washes, and decided to try this new one in Escondido. I hope all visits will be this good because for less than $20, my car looks new.

    Service, starting with Dion at the start was very friendly, very patient with all my questions. Car washes are designed with a lot of packages and add-ons, but I wanted the middle package to test this place out and see the result.

    I live up the hill and commute long treks, my windshield and car gets pummeled with bugs, full of dust, and I think I may shed more than any dog with my long hair. It's never an easy clean.

    They took time to vacuum every nook and cranny, used soft brushes to scrub all those smashed bugs, and 3 guys dried the exterior and wiped down the inside, with every window, every door, and every edge of my Highlander. It looks like new.

    I will definitely be back, and when I have time I will try a detail. Today the trip through was no more than 15 minutes, plenty of places to sit and relax. I am super happy to FINALLY have a place I want to become a regular at. Thank you Talk of the Town!

    UPDATE: 2nd wash also very detailed work and service. One more great experience and I will be convinced to buy their 60 wash booklet. :)

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    The workers are great and there is a free vacuum to use after a wash. The vacuum has great suction. Prices start at $7. Very reasonable

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    Clean place and good service.

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    great people, clean and efficient. And, my car looked beautiful!

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